Podcast Chapters

Add chapters to your MP3 file.

Load your audio file...

How it works

First, select your MP3 audio file.

Your file will load directly into the browser (it isn't uploaded to a server). You can then listen to the file and start adding chapters.

When you want to add a chapter, get to the place in the audio and click "Add chapter".

Make sure to add a chapter title (recommended max 60 characters) and make sure each chapter is in the correct order time-wise.

When you are done adding chapters, click the upload button, which will upload the file, add the chapters and return to you the processed file to download.

Note: The audio itself is not altered; only the file's chapter metadata is edited. Any existing chapters will be erased from the file.

Support for chapter images and links is planned.

Thank you for using Podcast Chapters!

Dan (Founder of Huge)

Why add chapters to my audio file?

Some podcast apps display chapters if you embed them into your audio file.

This allows listeners to see a list of topics in your episodes and easily navigate between then.

Chapter titles typically replace the episode name in players, giving more context to listeners.

Read more about podcast chapters on the Huge Blog.